0 has been in existence as far back as 2008 or probably earlier than that but i actually got to know about smiggle around that year and its another amazing alternative or related wap chat site like Eskimi Chat. is an awesome chat site for your mobile (normal WAP bearer charges apply). On Smiggle, you can Chat to people from Kenya, Nigeria, India, South Africa, the USA & Ghana.

Meet new people from around the world and find a girlfriend or boyfriend or just chat to hot girls and guys in your area. Meet singles from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Lagos and Mumbai and exchange pics!

You can Send shoutouts and hook up with cute guys and girls right from your cell-phone.

How To Register For A Smiggle.Mobi Account

  • To Register for a smiggle account right with the use of your mobile phone, Visit and choose Register Now!

  • You will be required to choose a nickname which will be used as your name in the chat activities, your phone number, then a Pin Or Password which will be your personal password for accessing your account, select your country then enter your correct password and when done, simply hit Register.

Its that simple!

How To Log In / Sign In Your Smiggle Chat Account

At this point, i will assume you already have an account with the smiggle wap chat site, Visit and choose Login and you will be required to enter your Phone Number which you used in creating the account, then your pin or password and then choose the country you choosed when creating the account.

When done, simply hit Login! And you are logged into your account, now what you gonna do that? Well that's up to you :-D

Did you experience any difficulties using the smiggle wap chat site? Let's us know, we might be of help and do not forget to share using the share buttons below this post.

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